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About self organized team

조대협 2015. 6. 9. 18:00

Five essentials of self-organizing teams 

  • Competency: Individuals need to be competent for the job at hand. This will result in confidence in their work and will eliminate the need for direction from above. 
  • Collaboration: They should work as a team rather than as a group of individuals. Teamwork is encouraged. Motivation: Team motivation is the key to success. Team members should be focused and interested in their work. 
  • Trust and respect: Team members trust and respect each other. They believe in collective code ownership and are ready to go the extra mile to help each other resolve issues. 
  • Continuity: The team should be together for a reasonable duration; changing its composition every now and then doesn't help. Continuity is essential for the team. - See more at: